Five Ways a Strong 55+ Community Improves Well-Being

By December 19, 2018Blog
55+ community

As social beings, it’s important for people to belong to a community of like-minded individuals. In fact, having good personal relationships is considered to be one of the basic factors for happiness by famed psychologist Carl JungBlack Birch II is a 55+ community made up of residents who are all in similar phases of life and who enjoy many of the same activities. So it creates a natural environment for those in the neighborhood to develop connections and share their experiences.

Let’s take a look at some of the positive benefits of being part of a strong 55+ community.   

5 benefits of a strong 55+ community

1)   Socialization and Fun

We crave interaction and the mental and emotional stimulation provoked by conversation. At 55+ communities, many residents are entering their retirement and looking for new opportunities to interact, converse and flex their social muscles. Whether it’s a dinner party at home or a night out on the town, being part of a community like Black Birch II provides endless opportunities for socialization and fun.

2)   Sense of Belonging

When people retire from a lifetime of employment, they sometimes find themselves bored and missing the sense of belonging they got from sharing goals and experiences with co-workers. A strong, maintenance-free 55+ community like Black Birch II gives residents new opportunities to pursue meaningful endeavors with others who have the same amount of time and flexibility. This can have a tremendous impact on a person’s sense of fulfillment and effectively replace the void left by retirement.

3)   Staying Active

Whether it’s a fitness class at The Thoreau Club or a hike through Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, exercise is more fun when you have someone to do it with. It’s also a lot more effective. Research shows that we’re motivated by the healthy actions of others and that people are more likely to participate in the exercise behaviors of those around them.

4)   Support

One of the most powerful benefits of a strong community is the support individuals get in times of hardship. Whether it’s the loss of a family member, a personal injury or health scare, or a minor tribulation, being part of a strong 55+ community like Black Birch II means not having to face adversity alone.

5)   Helping Others

Receiving support is one of the most positive benefits of being part of a community. But just as important is the opportunity to provide assistance and encouragement to others. There’s nothing quite like the fulfillment that comes from selfless actions that benefit others.

Banding together in social groups has not only helped humans evolve and thrive for centuries, but it improves well-being, provides comfort, and creates a sense of security and purpose. 55+ communities like Black Birch II give residents a natural opportunity for camaraderie and connection based on similarities in life stage and style of living.

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