What is Maintenance-Free Living?

By October 25, 2018Blog
Maintenance-free living

Most people spend a lot of time taking care of the important things in their lives – family, pets, home, and career. But once the kids are grown and your responsibilities taper, it’s time to start thinking about ways to simplify your life and enjoy your free time. Maintenance-free, active adult communities like Black Birch II give residents something they’ve been missing for years — time. So, what is maintenance-free living? And what does it mean for owners of Black Birch II luxury homes?

What Does Maintenance-Free Living Mean for Residents of Black Birch II Luxury Homes?

Residents of a maintenance-free, active adult community enjoy the benefits of home ownership without having to invest time and energy into maintenance. Black Birch II has a professional staff dedicated to addressing ongoing home maintenance needs, including:

  • Landscaping
  • Snow removal
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Community septic inspections & maintenance
  • Irrigation repairs
  • Alarm monitoring and repairs
  • Miscellaneous repairs and maintenance

Black Birch II luxury homes are built to the highest quality standards, are energy-efficient, and are designed for ease of living. Indoor maintenance is virtually non-existent – residents won’t even need to worry about changing lightbulbs for years to come, as every Black Birch II condo and carriage home is equipped with long-lasting LED lights.

The Perks of Maintenance-Free Living

With maintenance concerns off their to-do list, residents of Black Birch II luxury homes have more time to spend exploring the sites and charms of Concord, trying new recipes in their gourmet kitchen, hiking local trails or taking advantage or their free membership at The Thoreau Club. But there are even more perks to maintenance-free living:

Worry-Free Travel

With maintenance-free living, residents can plan trips of any length without having to worry about freezing pipes, snow removal, or plant care. Instead, they can take the money they would have paid a house sitter and put it into their travel fund!

A Professional Look

Let’s be honest, not everyone has a green thumb. But there’s no denying how much a well-manicured lawn adds to a home’s curb appeal. Black Birch II works with the best landscapers in the area to make sure the grounds are immaculate.


Black Birch II goes above and beyond to ensure the safety of residents by making sure any hazards on the grounds are addressed, snow is properly removed, and paths are well-lit.

Traditionally, homeownership goes hand-in-hand with home maintenance. But those who buy homes at Black Birch II can wave goodbye to yard work and repairs and enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle of leisure, recreation, travel and new friendships.

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