Benefits of Maintenance-Free Living When You Own Multiple Homes

By December 12, 2018Blog
maintenance-free living

Maintenance on one home is hard to keep up with — snow removal, raking, mowing — there’s always something to be done. But when you own more than one home, the to-do list can be overwhelming and unmanageable, not to mention expensive. That’s why maintenance-free living is at the top of the must-have list for those who own multiple homes. Here are some of the most valuable benefits.

Stress-Free Time Away with Maintenance-Free Living

If you own two homes (or more), it’s likely you split your time between them. For those who don’t live in maintenance-free communities, this means having to manage the stress and expense of finding someone to care for the home in which they are not currently residing. But communities like Black Birch II that offer maintenance-free living give residents the freedom to relax during their time away, knowing their home is well cared for. This peace of mind is especially valuable for residents who spend time at a second home in a different state.

Minimizing Expenses

Owning multiple homes means incurring double (or triple) the expense of regular maintenance, including mowers, landscaping, fertilizers, mulch, snow plows, contractors, never mind the unexpected expense of emergency maintenance. HGTV advises that homeowners set aside 1-3% of their home’s purchase price to prepare for this maintenance, which means that someone who owns two homes worth a total of $1,500,000 should budget between $15,000-$45,000 annually if their communities do not offer maintenance-free living. But residents who live in maintenance-free communities like Black Birch II don’t have to worry about this exorbitant expense, giving them more financial freedom to enjoy life’s luxuries.

Time to Enjoy More of What You Love

As they prepare for retirement, many people begin to think about the things they’ll finally have time to enjoy in abundance — travel, golf, volunteering, and spending time with family and friends. But the pressure to maintain multiple homes can absorb their energy and free time, leaving them worn out with little time to do the things they love. Maintenance-free communities give residents the gift of time, so whether they have one home or two, they’ll be able to enjoy their favorite activities knowing their homes are well-kept and in good order.

People who own multiple homes are fortunate to have access to a variety of settings, communities, social groups, and local attractions. But without maintenance-free living, upkeep can be overwhelming, and the luxury can seem more like a burden. For those who want the time, money, and freedom to enjoy life to the fullest, there’s no better option than a maintenance-free community.

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